Garage, Re-Built for Entertaining

Just a few years ago, a young family bought a beautiful property in Montclair. While the house had much to offer, the dilapidated garage in the unwelcoming backyard did not. And sure enough, the shallow, leaking roof of the garage caved in after just a single winter of heavy snow.

However rebuilding this garage was not as simple as just putting up four new walls and a roof. The family was eager to entertain, full of athletes and wanted a backyard and garage that would support their lifestyle. Achieving this meant identifying simple ideas that would elevate their new garage from something solely functional to something also beautiful.

In order to match the timeless beauty of the house, the garage was clad in 1″ thick cedar clapboard. The oil-rubbed bronze sconces from Feiss are a match to fixtures used throughout the property and provide subtle light that enhances the yard while entertaining. The solid vinyl, extremely durable Fimbel garage door was selected not only for its style, but its ability to withstand the inevitable onslaught of balls, frisbees and collisions.

As for dedicated entertaining spaces, we created two. The first, an elevated mahogany deck built off the back of the house within steps from the grill and kitchen. And the second, an informal outdoor living room situated below a custom cedar pergola constructed off the side of the garage.

Whoever said a garage has to be boring?!